Technology’s Role in Saskatchewan Forestry Explained

Cam Brown, RPF

Saskatchewan’s forests cover a vast expanse of the province, but the magnitude of the details that classify, measure and describe our forest is even more grand, making technology vital to forestry professionals. Just looking at a single tree, there are many pieces of information to be known about it, starting with its species, height and […]

Saskatchewan Woman Finds Her Next Adventure Learning About Forestry as a Profession

Adventure called to Katelyn Nagy when she was choosing her career path and that call led her to work with forestry professionals in Saskatchewan. Her summer working in northern Saskatchewan opened her eyes to the profession of forestry in Saskatchewan as she completes her degree in Renewable Resource Management at the University of Saskatchewan – […]

Practising Professional Forestry in Saskatchewan

Making decisions today that will impact those living two generations from now is a responsibility Lane Gelhorn takes seriously. “Forestry as a profession can be very rewarding. It allows me to work on something bigger than just my self-interest,” said Gelhorn, who is a professional forester serving as the president of the Association of Saskatchewan […]