Any RPF or RPFT member in good standing of the ASFP is eligible to serve as Councillor or on the Executive Committee. Councillors are elected for two year terms; the Vice President is elected for a three-year term (to be Vice President, President, and then Past President). Prior to the AGM each year, the President will send out a call for nominations: please consider nominating a current ASFP member for next year’s Council.

Executive Committee

  • President – Ed Kwiatowski, RPF
  • Vice President – Darryl Sande, RPF
  • Past President – Lane Gelhorn, RPF
  • Treasurer – Peter Sigurdson, RPF
  • Secretary – Peter Sigurdson, RPF
  • Registrar – Carla Rhyant


  • Dan Heffernan Public Member
  • Amy Carriere RPF
  • David Cobb RPF
  • John Daisley RPF
  • James Fischer RPFT
  • Bart Smith RPFT
  • April Lesko RPF
  • Pat Mackasey RPF

  • David Stevenson RPF
  • Brad Weir RPFT

Standing Committees


  • Darryl Sande, RPF, Chair
  • Chris Brown, RPF
  • Kim Clark, RPF
  • Dean Mamer, RPFT
  • Spiros Papastergiou, RPF
  • Lorne Renouf, RPF
  • Aaron Burns, RPFT

Continuing Competency

  • David Stevenson, RPF, Chair
  • Cameron Koslowski, RPFT
  • Spiros Papastergiou, RPF


  • James Fischer, RPFT, Chair
  • Dan Heffernan, Public Appointee
  • Chris Brown, RPF
  • Robert Follett, RPF
  • Darcy Parkman, RPF
  • Conrad Paskell, RPF
  • David Stevenson, RPF
  • Michelle Young, RPF

Professional Conduct

  • John Daisley, RPF, Chair
  • Chris Dallyn, RPF
  • Kathleen Gazey, RPF
  • Cameron Koslowski, RPFT